Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Escape part 2

Time moves at a much altered rate in Pretereo. Of that much I'm sure. I'm not sure how many days I've spent here but back home barely a day has passed. Perched on this ledge over looking the sprawling metropolis, it's almost surreal to reflect on the time I've spent here. Then again I shouldn't be surprised, a world created to escape reality often doesn't reconcile with reality. A shadow passes over my eyes, interrupting my moody inner monologue. Finally.

Legs coiled under me explode into action, launching me out over the cityscape hundreds of stories high. The wind tears at my outstretched arms like a savage beats, snarling in its blood lust. Endless seconds of delirious free fall are broken by a familiar rustle of feathers, and a deep brown eye inches from mine.

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