Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking a break from writing my book





It only exists if you believe in it

So how can you believe in it?

Are we born to faith? Only when we can reason well enough to form our own conclusions do we find ourselves at a choice. Ignore our skepticism and believe simple because we have always believed?

I believe that knowledge is a false idea.
Certainty is arrogance.
The senses are easily deceived.
Everything around me could be a hallucination, or a dream, I could be in a coma right now in a world nothing like the dream one I reside in.

I'm wandering now
Do try to keep up

We like to wallow
Humans that is
"Get back on the horse"
Only implies that you don't want to

I feel so uninspired with my life
What hardship have I faced that hasn't been self inflicted?
I know I've rambled on this before
But still

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Modern Guide for the Misunderstood Messiah

One might think being a messiah is altogether difficult. That it requires divine inspiration, that only the son of a god can carry out the role. Think carefully however, on what so called holy texts tell us for certain regarding these messiahs. First and foremost, they are entirely human. These so-called deities come to earth and become human in every way, so they can be, by definition, in no way supernatural. This rules out divine inspiration. So, now what do we have? Regular people with epigrams, hollow words to be interpreted as wisdom and misconstrued, and literally hundreds of generations of secondhand accounts of a handful of miracles. If that's all it requires then why do we not call magicians messiahs? What separates them from the average person? Persuasion?

Cardinal rule of being a messiah, is being vague enough that your message can be totally misconstrued. It really doesn't matter what your message is, as long as people can contort it to fit their desires. Keep in mind however, that people as a rule do not want to be totally happy. They wallow in their guilt, their shame, their depression. As long as you feed them something to fuel their guilt, they'll ignore the rest of your message and focus on their self constructed depravity.

Keep in mind however, that as a messiah your good intentions(if it's possible for one to cause so much suffering with good intentions) will be the cause of wars for millenia following your death. which will be painful and early in life, due to people being unable to cope with the parts of your message they disagree with. the sooner you are dead, the sooner they can begin to misinterpret it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Till Death

Till death do us joyfully reunite,
Hand in hand in that wondrous twilight land