Thursday, September 30, 2010


The tattered blinds, barely fending off the unyielding morning sun, cast slatted shadows across my desk like forlorn trenches. My imagination wanders from the well worn keys to view embattled soldiers clambering over the breastwork into the shadowed trenches-a window to a war all but forgotten in the midst of horrorfare. The captain of this invisible squad allows his men a moment of rest, his thoughts wandering as always to his wife home in London, and his promise to return home to her. Yet here he was, putting his life on the line for the safety of his men, peering warily over the ridge of the trench. Only two shadows lie between the squad and the safety of the windowsill, the captain let himself begin to hope.

A crack rang out like the first thunderclap of a storm echoing across a lonesome valley. The captain whipped his head around, searching desperately for the telltale spray of blood, another man down. Instead he saw his newest private staring in disbelief at the greased rag still touching his rifle. Before the young soldier could choke out an apology, before even the captain could begin to register his mounting fury, a clod of dirt puffed past the captain's face. In the next few moments time seemed to be suspended in an impossible world of light and sound and the sickeningly sweet smell of blood now coating the trench, bodies half tossed through the air, the screaming banshees of mortars adding to the confusion. In a single moment of clarity amid the chaos, the captain watched in slow motion as a grenade swung heavily over the edge of the trench, landing at his feet like an unwanted gift.

Ding! Alarm goes off, time for class!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Why? Have a cause
Rage against the world
Because you can?
Get offended!
look for the answer
forget the question
Corporate Syndication
Dilluted democracy
Polluted aristocracy
Bohemia? Poverty.
Balance, the push and pull
and push and steal and rape and kill
middle class conformity
Rage! Rage! Rage!
Rejected by society or
Reject society
With a SCREW YOU mentality
The point? fight without cause
forget the reason
Live free or conform hard

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Restarting my writing

Hopefully I'll be able to start posting here again, this time with more content. If you've been directed here from my facebook, please note that not everyone on my facebook can see the link, so do not share it with my family members unless they already know about it. other then that, feel free to share the link with any you think might be interested.