Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am the oak tree that won't bow before the wind, Branches sway but never bend.
I am the blades of grass, many but we move as one mind, unbreakable.
I am the sheathed blade, potential hidden behind panes of folded steel.
I am the second-to-last, patiently waiting my turn but not despaired.
I am the final straw, calculated for the finishing blow.
I am passion rekindled.
I am lost lovers.
I am the hammer and the chisel.
I am the undefinable, I am the here and there.
Love me with your fingertips, keep me on the edge of my seat waiting and anxiously anticipating but don't tease me, appease me. Love me with lips like raspberries, soft and juicy but use me, please me; need me but don't abuse me. Love me with legs so long; the pleasure given so good it has to be wrong, Love me with a fire in your heart burning for me and burning me burn me light me ablaze with intensity destroy me blow me apart with sheer love density then rebuild me, better and stronger and bulletproof and ten feet tall and all the things I know I am when you are near.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is for lovers of the written word, who can use word like pretentious and absurd without sounding pretentious or absurd in a world where spoken word is slurred and stumbled over by blasphemers and I mean no disrespect but show some respect because language is all we have, it separates us from animals and if it was up to me everyone would be a poet but it is up to me and we are all poets, time is the rhyme giving meaning to our midnight opines and need more money whines, and last but not least internet spread why can't I hold all these limes, in the age of instant communication isn't it amazing how little is being said, but more importantly how little is being listened to, forgive me if i sound melodramatic but chances are in our lives no one will care what we say or do and you can try to disprove what I've said but think about the last thing you heard or read by someone you know even if they're dead that lasted long enough with you that you can repeat it word for word, because odds are thats the only time what that person said was taken to heart and carried as a part of someone else, it's something so rare and precious what can we do but try every day to say and do the things that will echo and boil and brew in the minds of the people around us, so please nation, amaze and astound us with the prowess I know is hidden deep within you and please lead us into an age of literacy and art, but not self-pretentious, self-aware, take art for what it is and leave out what it isn't. Be lions in your writing, brave and valiant and bold like the great kings and warriors of old whose stories and passed along and retold, and maybe your stories will be passed along and retold, but don't be conceited, receive it with humble hearts and quiet minds straining at the bounds constraining them itching and crawling and shivering in the rain again dying to be let in and let me in and take me with you, let these words not hit you but soothe you and move you and tattoo them upon you on the inside of your skin and take them one by one like Ritalin; consider this a prescription from me to you, take it in daily and in large doses, slip it into your coffee breaks and write while you light up a five minute cigarette don't forget, do this often in remembrance of these words. Amen.