Sunday, December 27, 2009

100th post

This blog has become, I'd like to think, more than just a trite "dear diary' collection of sob story posts from a lonely adolescent. I'm not writing to whine about my life, or seek approval for my humble creative works. When I began I sought merely to post some old poetry has turned into a medium to get perspective through writing, and take a good look at my life and how I'm living it. This collected body of short prose outlines my personality, and with it I have begun to define myself in a way I struggled to before. And recently while writing "Escape" I've had an outlet to gain relief from the loneliness and frustration that has plagued me over the past few months, and one that has given me purpose during the doldrums of so much time spent alone. So. Here we are, one hundred posts. Thank you for reading, those of you who still do among the seven with the url. Next stop two hundred.

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