Sunday, December 27, 2009

Escape part 12

The plunging neckline of her blood red gown manages to leave little to the imagination and send it soaring with lustful fantasies as she mingles her way through the crowd with all the grace of a well-mannered diplomat. I can't help but watch her from the balcony above, smirking at the thought of the dagger hidden against her thigh. She seems cool and collected to the party goers, but I can tell from here she is scanning the security, confirming what I had already observed. The shifts had doubled.

Her impatient expression as I rounded the room with a tray laden with champagne did little to expedient the journey to her corner. "This isn't going to work with your avian friend's plan. Is there a plan B?" I grinned and gestured to the not quite ceremonial sword hanging at my belt. "I like plan B already."

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