Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Predator or prey
when danger comes knocking on your door what will you say?
will you welcome him in, embrace like an old friend, catch up over earl grey?
do you slam the door in his face, run to your room get under the covers and hide in that dark place?
This is a civilization of apathy, non-confrontation and conformity, virility is not a valuable quality in the perfect male citizen. Jocks are mocked and the alpha is replaced by the yes man, the junkie, and the sensitive types. Where providing for your family is more important than defending them, it's easy to see how we've falled by the wayside, short of the strength of our ancestors in so many ways, if you pit the men of today against them what would they say? Would they laugh at our reliance on technology, how few of us would stand a chance hand to hand with a
average man from centuries past? Is it a possibility that in this world of eco-sustainability that that edging out of testosterone as a value in our society will inevitably be the death of us?

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