Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There is something about seeing beautiful landscapes that makes you ache to have someone to share them with. Someone who can understand that beauty can't begin to describe the breathtaking sight of a horizon perfectly arching over harshly rugged rock formations, framing the strangely familiar yet utterly alien shapes hidden in the formations. That wild untamable force that is nature never fails to take my breathe away, leaving me disappointed every time I return to this drab room. Yet I must return, if I am ever to have someone to share in that triumphant rush of joy at the sight of something so expansively beautiful that words cannot express it, but the desire to become part nature fills your soul, pressing into every crack and seeping through the gates of pain and despair. The knowledge that you could stop breathing at that moment and feel no fear, for your life must be completed to have seen such a marvel, yet at the same time there cant possibly be a sight in heaven more utterly pleasing than the one before you.

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