Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm going a little crazy, can't you tell
I'm going a little crazy, in this mediocre hell
I built these walls, I paved the floors
I pace the cage, ignore the doors
I scrutinize, I harry and stress
I wander, never tarry never rest
Left to my own devices for too long
I go a little crazy
Turn alone on its head, skew it
I can be alone surrounded by family
I can be alone in a room full of people
I can be alone with an old friend
I can be alone by myself
I grasp at lifesavers
People without whom I could not exist
They are few, but dear
I love them very much
I am only sane when they are near
If I can in fact be sane
They say if you open your mind too far
You might not be able to find your way home
I worry instead that I burned home down
Crowing gleefully at my cleverness
It is when I struggle to grasp sanity tighter
That madness creeps in
Peeks under the crack of the door
Shut tightly against its advance
Poking through, billowing at the entrance
Suddenly, the door is broken
A deluge before me
Thoughts spilling across the floor
Seeping through cupped palms
Staining the carpet
Like the red wine she drinks
On the veranda, watching waves crash
Rhythmic beating, the sound of passion
A long way from my my prison
A prison of thought and will
Of distance and bonds

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  1. reminds me of 'I'm going slightly mad' by Queen