Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How I long to simplify it, pour my soul into the keyboard and hide it away, disguise it in tiny fragments scattered across the world, blown into the wind like bits of paper, write a wish and toss it to fate, scraps of lives tossed and carried far away, over the hills and the trees and the heads of the millions sleeping and not sleeping this night, a night like any another. A night like every other. A night like that night, the night we found bliss in that '69 'Stang, parked on the dam watching the moon watch us, reflection twirl and fade in the water below, a magnificent ballet of light, I felt small and at the same time I was the luckiest man alive.


  1. You should tell more people about this blog, you have a lot of content for only the 7 of us followers.

  2. well it started out as just a personal place to write, but now I want to turn it into something that can not only get my writing out there but earn me some money, so I'm trying to expand followers and whatnot